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Награды и призы

Forbes Diamonds of 2017 is the ranking of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. In order to appear on the list of the winners a company must meet high requirements (among others it has to demonstrate profitability, backlog of debt and positive financial result, et cetera). Forbes Diamonds for the best companies of Podkarpackie province were handed out on 9th of March during formal gala in Rzeszow. Serwis Kop appeared amongst laureates in category of companies with revenues of 5 up to 50 million PLN in Podkarpackie province.


Business Gazzeles- the ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized companies in Podkarpackie province, published in a special edition of ‘Puls Biznesu’.  This title may apply to the companies which meet certain criteria concerning dynamic of their growth.


Certificate of ‘Fair Play Company’ 2016 in the framework of the Program of Entreprenourhsip and Culture. The aim of the program is to promote the ethics of busniess activity. The program is directed to the companies that earnestly cooperate with all groups of stakeholders, fulfil their obligations in a timely manner, which also campaign fair commercials and create favourbale conditions for their employees to work effectively and with proffesional developement. The winners of the program are companies which cooprate with local community, participate in charity campaigns and also the ones that act friendly to the environment.


 ‘Podkarpacka Economic Award’ in the category of trading company. The competition appoints the best and the most ecenomicially active companies of the region. The decision to award the prizes is made by the Chapter of Podkarpackie Business Award which consist of experts in the fields of economy and people of public trust.


Carraro Vickers Britax Case Kubota JCB Komatsu

Контактные данные

SERWIS KOP sp. z o.o. sp. k.
ul. Podkarpacka 57A, 35-082 Rzeszów

Часы работы: Pn.-Pt. 08:00-17:00


GG: 4185846 4185846 - Daniel
GG: 9078906 9078906 - Tomasz
+48 17 864 31 00
+48 17 864 00 24
+48 17 864 25 96

Мобильный телефон
+48 607-700-547
+48 695-944-818
+48 691-330-531
+48 690-906-751

+48 17 864 31 20


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